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(February 2, 2015) Pagan magazine Green Egg announced that it will be under new management. The Green Egg will continue to be free however, it will not be offered in print edition. Keeping in alignment with and awareness of connections on this planet Green Egg will become paperless and move into the future with a blog format.

The popular Pagan magazine was founded in 1968 by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart who will continue his involvement as a guest writer and honored elder. The previous editor and publisher, Ariel Monserrat, is resigning due to health issues. Ariel states, “I cannot do justice to Green Egg due to continuing health problems which prevent me from working at full capacity. I'm not able to carry out the numerous tasks required of running a magazine that is read all over the world. I love Green Egg and have loved running it for the last 8 years, but I'm just not able to continue the work due to having such low energy.” Ariel and her husband, Tom Donohue, Science Editor and author of numerous scientific articles on Green Egg, will be also be continuing their involvement as writers for Green Egg.

The new editor and publisher will be Hollis Taylor, a long-time Pagan, activist, blogger and leader of Scouting for all paths, including Spiral Scouts, for over 15 yrs. Hollis plans to modernize Green Egg bringing the magazine into the new millennium. Green Egg will not be publishing printed issues, as in the past, but will have a large team of volunteer writers who will be contributing to carrying on the legacy of Green Egg. Hollis plans on having enough writers so that Green Egg can meet its goal of posting an article a day. Having a diverse talent pool allows Green Egg to represent a broad range of perspectives and ideas. To keep up on the changes please connect with Green Egg thru Facebook and Tumblr. More information about Hollis can be found at:

For more information contact:
Hollis Taylor
Ariel Monserrat