2001 Closure of GE

Submitted by Wug on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 21:55

Tuesday, 5 June 2001
From: CAW Board of Directors

Dear Waterkin,

As many of you know, Green Egg has been in deep financial trouble for quite some time. A great many members of this church have made heroic efforts over the past several years to support the GE staff, and keep the magazine solvent enough to continue printing. The church owes a great debt to everyone who has sacrificed so much to keep our beloved magazine coming out every season, in spite of the continuing difficulties.

However, the time has come when we must acknowledge that these efforts have come at great cost to the church; and despite all our collective sacrifices, the financial situation is not improving. Our feeling is that the price that CAW as a whole is paying to sustain GE has become too high,and that its demands are diverting far more of our financial and magickal resources than the church can reasonably afford to spend on it at this time.

Therefore, we regret to inform you that we have made the difficult decision to suspend the operations of Green Egg magazine effective immediately, and release publisher Jeanne Koelle and editor Maerian Morris with our heartfelt thanks for their many years of dedication.

Our intention at this time is to take a few months to re-evaluate the situation, with the hopes of creating a new GE out of the ashes of the old one. We won't be able to offer you any more specific plans until we've had a chance to look over GE's books, and get a clear sense of what we have to work with. But, based on the tremendous numbers of talented people who have offered their services to GE in recent months, we are optimistic that this church has within it resources to build a new GE, drawing heavily on the wide variety of skills that are already present within the church.

We will be making specific decisions about the disposition of GE's current subscriptions very shortly. If you're a subscriber, please rest assured we will make good on your investment in GE. Similarly, we will be making plans to reimburse those holding open GE advertising contracts, and examining our options regarding the disposition of GE's other debts. In the meantime, you, the membership, can support GE's future by sharing with us your best visions of what a new, re-designed GE might offer to the larger Pagan community; and how each of you might be able to contribute to its re-creation when the time comes. If we've all learned anything, it's that the job of putting together Green Egg is too big for just two or three people to handle. For GE to have a future, we will need to have many more people working together to help shoulder the load. It will also need to be financially sound from the very beginning. We are resolved that GE will never put this church into financial jeopardy again, and will not attempt to revive it unless we are confident that this goal can be achieved.

We, your Board members, have a busy summer ahead as we take stock of GE's current situation, and plan for its future. Please hold us in your prayers, and bless us with your best ideas. Putting out Green Egg has always been one of CAW's most amazing magickal acts. May we all come together as a tribe to renew the magick, and once again create something that glitters with all the best that is CAW.