Mama Maureen

Submitted by Wug on Tue, 01/29/2019 - 03:31

Mama Maureen (August 28, 1952 - )

Role(s): CAW Administrator - Board of Directors - Acting Treasurer - Chief Web Spinner - Membership Coordinator

Pagan hippie wildchild, triple Virgo, southern belle creeping toward cronehood, her personality is a cross between Molly Millions and Dolly Parton.

Mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, lover, friend. Poet, musician, songwriter, author. Reiki Master, Minister, Theologian, Seer, Weaver of Webs.

Mama Maureen, taking her name from the Robert Heinlein book Time Enough for Love has been a member of CAW for many years, and has been the chief web-spinner for the CAW digital properties since 2007 and the membership coordinator since 2009.

At the 2015 Winter Board Meeting, the CAW Board of Directors appointed Mama as the administrator for Church of All Worlds. She is also currently serving as Acting Treasurer while the Treasurer is on hiatus