Night An'Fey

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Night Freedom An’Fey (Feb. 22nd)

Role(s): Priest (Probationary)


The first time Night walked into a Pagan bookstore was like the first time he walked into a gay bar: he discovered others and that he was not alone.  That was Once Upon a Time in an Eigenstate Far, Far away.  Many stories and many moons later, a man named Oberon Zell occurred in his life; and the Sacred Arts would never the same!

Church of All Worlds' first gay Clergy, Night is a third degree Gardnerian, Feri Priest, Radical Shaman, and has been fortunate to have had some of the best trainers and teachers in our community. In CAW he had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and creative people of his career.

He was the founder and director of the Nine Million Fund and creator of the Parliament of Pagans Clergy Convocation, a nation-wide event in which Pagan clergy examined and designed what it meant to be a spiritual leader in the fastest growing religion in the United States.

He has been featured on television, speaking about the Wiccan and Neo-Pagan movement in America today.  His television appearances include Fox News, the Sci-Fi channel, Christian broadcasting channels, and the BBC.

His healing work in the Amazon prompted an inquiry into ontological Shamanism and earned him free drinks for an evening by answering a physicist’s challenge as to who killed Schrödinger's cat.

He coauthored of The Dracula Cookbook of Blood; the bloodiest cookbook you’ll ever see!

As a mystic he has had a close connection with the Mysteries and the Faerie realms.

  "At an early age I had an experience which put me on the path of having a quality relationship with the underworld; where even today I have a special affinity and proclivity.  While I was in an alpha dream state I saw the Angel of Death take my great grandma as she died in the hospital many miles away.

I can remember that she was being taken out of a window by this big dark creature with wings.  I was crying and pleading for her to please not go and she told me that everything was all right and that she would be fine.  Her ‘just so’ attitude left me with a feeling of peace underlying the sadness."


In Seattle, he developed the Queer Men’s Coven, an experiment in men’s mysteries and magic.  He also worked with Shiva.


Then he got bored…

Night is now a lawyer in Seattle specializing in copyright, trademark, rights of publicity, and areas of the law focused on entertainment, the arts, and international issues.  His work in South Africa included assisting Justice Chaskalson, one of the framers of the post-apartheid constitution, in resolving a conflict with tribal law as to whether a female of a particular tribe could become Hosi (Chief).

As an internationally recognized expert in the intersections of world mythology and ritual, his blogs appear at random internet sites, including Facebook.  In his spare time he teaches courses in the Craft, Tarot, Meditation, Energy, Sex Magic and whatever else that seems fun at the time.

Night remains a Witch, Mystic, and Priest; CAW remains one of his dearest passions!  On a typical Friday night he can be found having dinner with a friend, working with ancient and arcane gods, and practicing suspension bondage; i.e. relaxing.  ~Night

He can be contacted through Facebook; and would love to hear from you.