Who's Who and What's What

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The Church of All Worlds, as a Church, is both an organization and a Tribe. As an organization we are incorporated under the laws of the state of California, and are the oldest Neo-Pagan Church to gain federal recognition in the United States. As a Tribe, we are a very large, extended spiritual family, formed of Branches, and Nests of friends, and lovers. The People of CAW are the heart of CAW, and just as individuals may belong to many families, the individuals in our Tribe also wear many "hats" and serve in many roles. As with all families, over time new members enter, by marriage and by birth (or by spiritual rebirth), people pass beyond the veil, and move on in their life journeys,and others steadfastly remain to "hold the center" of our Tradition.  The CAW Tribe spans more than 40 years, and on our CAW Tribe: Past and Present page, in our alphabetical listing of prominent CAW members, we honor many people who are part of our history, as well as those who hold our Present . And we ask you to consider whether or not you wish to be part of Our Future.

The CAW Organizational Structure Explained

The Church of All Worlds organizational structure is not that of a standard pyramid style hierarchy, but is rather an interconnecting web of Councils, each of which holds responsibility for overseeing specific parts of the CAW Mission. This organizational structure is further divided into two distinct, but interconnected and cooperative Webs, the Ecclesiastical Web and the Operational Web, both of which serve the CAW Tribe, which is known formally as the Curia.

The Ecclesiastical Web is comprised of several interconnecting and overlapping councils. When viewing our organizational chart, we envision the “top” of this chart as the center of the web, and connections weave both outward and inward. The Ecclesiastical web cares for and stewards all aspects of the Spiritual and Religious life of the Church and creates the vision which the Operational Web seeks to make manifest. The Ecclesiastical Web is autonomous, but membership is interwoven with the Operational Leadership.

The Operational Web exists solely for the purpose of making manifest the Purpose and Mission of the Church, and as such is guided in action by the vision created and elucidated by the Councils of the Ecclesiastical Web, especially by that of the torchbearers of the tradition, our Council of Elders. The Operational Web tends to the day-to-day mundane operation of the Church, administrative tasks, communications and outreach and legal issues. The Operational Web is comprised of the Operational Councils, each of which is responsible for various functional areas reporting to the Board of Directors.

The CAW Tribe (CURIA), comprised of all our members, is organized into a system of nine concentric interconnected Circles of personal development defined by our RINGs program. This program is a Divine Labyrinth, symbolized by the Dearinth, a unique symbol of CAW which incorporates both the Goddess & the God, as well as the path of the Initiate. The RINGs is an initiatory path leading ever inward, towards the consciousness of the Goddess/God Within, with a threefold purpose of a) self actualization, b) connection / tribal involvement and c) service. These circles move inward, rather than upward, and members who have advanced through the program are considered to have moved deeper into CAW, with those having advanced farthest being at the center of the Dearinth. Members of the Tribe choose as individuals how far inward to progress.

Leadership positions in CAW are appointed first from those who have moved deepest into the RINGs, and service is required to move deeper into the RINGs, thus our leadership is selected from those who have demonstrated work towards personal growth, who are most connected with our tribe, and who have shown their commitment to the Mission and the Tribe through service. The structure of the CAW Tribe therefore is intrinsically interwoven into both the Ecclesiastical Web and the Operational Web.