CAW Projects

Submitted by Wug on Thu, 03/07/2019 - 20:52

Over the years, the Church of All Worlds has chartered a number of subordinate organizations through which we practice and teach our religion. Participation in Church activities is often done through one or more of these divisions. Although the main body of the Church sponsors a number of open festivals at Annwfn as well as other occasional events throughout the year. Individual local Nests also hold regular meetings on a more frequent basis.

Due to the "Great Schism" of 2002 and the subsequent restructuring of our Church, several of these subordinate organizations are currently inactive, but their links contain a way to contact us if you're interested in helping to re-enliven these projects.

As part of our restructuring, we are re-evaluating the way that our subordinate organizations are chartered and set up.

Our current and previously chartered subordinate organizations are: