Ravenheart Statement

Submitted by Wug on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 21:57

Re: Oberon Zell's non-involvement in the current Green Egg crisis
The Ides of August, 2001

Please forward and circulate throughout the Pagan community. Permission is given to print this notice in Pagan periodicals, etc.

Recently, the Church of All Worlds Board of Directors suspended publication of Green Egg, its renowned international magazine, and dismissed its current Publisher and Editor because of chronic financial problems and an enormous debt. In spite of the heroic efforts of the Green Egg staff and many friends and supporters, frequent fund-raising efforts, and huge patience on the part of the CAW BoD, these problems continued to worsen. Increasing difficulty paying creditors is among the serious problems the magazine's staff and the CAW BoD had to face. Oberon, as the magazine's founder, is being frequently asked about the crisis. Unfortunately, he has had little access to information about the current situation, nor any ability to influence it.

Although it is not common knowledge, Oberon's official involvement with Green Egg ended five years ago; the current difficulties arose long after he was removed as Publisher. Because all concerned felt that airing the details of his removal as Publisher would adversely affect the magazine, Oberon was asked not to discuss the matter publicly. Since then Oberon continued to support the magazine by allowing his name to remain on the masthead as "Publisher Emeritus," and by writing his columns and articles.

People all over the world associate Oberon Zell with Green Egg, one of the most highly-praised and universally-respected Pagan publications of all time. Dozens of books credit Green Egg as a primary catalyst in the early coalescence of the Neo-Pagan community, and name Oberon as its creator and primary influence. After founding Green Egg in 1968, Oberon published 116 issues over 28 years. For much of that time he volunteered his time and energy, building it from a single dittoed sheet to an award-winning 70+ page newsstand magazine with no outside funding. Green Egg eventually supported a part-time staff and a well-equipped office.

Oberon's guiding influence over Green Egg ended abruptly in September of 1996 when he was involuntarily removed from all decision-making power by the Church of All Worlds Board of Directors, most of whom were at that time also members of the Green Egg staff (the Minutes of that BoD meeting have never been released) [Those minutes have since been located and released --Ed.]. Oberon's position of Publisher was assumed by the newly-elected President of the Board, and Oberon was handed the "honorary" title of "Publisher Emeritus," with no authority over any aspect of the magazine. The CAW President/GE Publisher and most of that staff later resigned from the magazine in favor of the current Publisher, recently dismissed. The Editor remained throughout the transitional period until she too was recently dismissed.

Our hope would be that out of the current ashes of the Green Egg, a new Green Egg may be born that rests on a kinder and more responsible foundation. We hope that such a new Green Egg will honor its Founder. If it cannot do so, perhaps it should find another name; for Oberon's name and Green Egg's are forever linked in the minds of Pagans throughout the world. Oberon is satisfied with much of the quality and content of the magazine since he was ousted from the role of Publisher. Yet it is acutely painful to him that the magazine he founded has now become a source of financial embarrassment and conflict in the Pagan community. He remains deeply wounded and grieved by the manner of his removal, and estranged from the people who effected it.

We sincerely hope that the Church that took over the magazine from its Founder will be financially responsible to its vendors, investors and subscribers. And finally, we hope that people can pull together in this time of painful reappraisal and learn from all the mistakes that have been made.

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
Liza Gabriel Ravenheart
Wynter Rose Stiles-Ravenheart
Wolf Stiles Ravenheart

P.S: Oberon would deeply appreciate hearing from any Green Egg readers of how the magazine he created, and the things he wrote in it, touched your lives. Perhaps a collection of such little "testimonials" might someday even be published. Please send your notes to: Oberon@mcn.org. (If you do not want your comments to be possibly reprinted, please so indicate.)